Almighty Father of mankind,

On Thee our hopes remain;

And when the day of trouble comes

I shall not trust in vain.


In early years Thou wast my Guide,

And of my youth the Friend;

And as my days began with Thee,

With Thee my days shall end.


I know the Power in Whom I trust,

The arm on which I lean;

He will my Savior ever be

Who has my Savior been.


My God, Who causedst me to hope

When life began to beat,

And, when a stranger in the world,

Didst guide my wandering feet.


Thou wilt not cast me off when age

And evil days descend;

Thou wilt not leave me in despair

To mourn my latter end.


Therefore in life I’ll trust in Thee,

In death I will adore;

And after death will sing Thy praise

When time shall be no more.

Why, impious Herod, shouldst thou fear

Because the Christ is come so near?

He Who doth heavenly kingdoms grant

Thine earthly realm can never want.


Lo, sages from the East are gone

To where the star hath newly shone:

Led on by light to Light they press,

And by their gifts their God confess.


The Lamb of God is manifest

Again in Jordan’s water blest,

And He Who sin had never known

By washing hath our sins undone.


Yet He that ruleth everything

Can change the nature of the spring,

And gives at Cana this for sign

The water reddens into wine.


Then glory, Lord, to Thee we pay

For thine Epiphany today;

All glory through eternity

To Father, Son, and Spirit be.




A little Child the Savior came,

The Mighty God was His Name;

And angels worshiped as He lay

The seeming Infant of a day.


He Who, a little Child, began

The life divine to show to man,

Proclaims from Heav’n the message free;

“Let little children come to Me.”


We bring them, Lord, and with the sign

Of sprinkled water name them Thine;

Their souls with saving grace endow;

Baptize them with Thy Spirit now.


O give Thine angels charge, good Lord,

Them safely in Thy way to guard;

Thy blessing on their lives command,

And write their names upon Thy hand.


O Thou, Who by an infant’s tongue

Dost hear Thy perfect glory sung,

May these, with all the heav’nly host,

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Music I love but ne’er a strain

Could kindle raptures so divine,

So grief assuage, so conquer pain,

And rouse this pensive heart of mine;

As that we hear on Christmas morn,

Upon the wintry breezes borne.


Though darkness still her empire keep,

And hours must pass, ere morning break;

From troubled dreams, or slumbers deep,

That music kindly bids us wake:

It calls us, with an angel’s voice,

To wake, and worship, and rejoice.


To greet with joy the glorious morn,

Which angels welcomed long ago,

When our redeeming Lord was born,

To bring the light of Heaven below;

The powers of darkness to dispel,

And rescue Earth from death and hell.


While listening to that sacred strain,

My raptured spirit soars on high;

I seem to hear those songs again

Resounding through the open sky,

That kindled such divine delight,

In those who watched their flocks by night.


With them, I celebrate His birth;

Glory to God, in highest Heaven,

Good will to men, and peace on Earth,

To us a Savior King is given;

Our God is come to claim His own,

And Satan’s power is overthrown!


A sinless God, for sinful men,

Descends to suffer and to bleed;

Hell must renounce its empire then;

The price is paid, the world is freed,

And Satan’s self must now confess,

That Christ has earned a right to bless.


Now holy peace may smile from Heaven,

And heavenly truth from earth shall spring:

The captive’s galling bonds are riven,

For our Redeemer is our King;

And He that gave His blood for men

Will lead us home to God again.

Our Lord and God, oh, bless this day

And hear us, we implore Thee;

None of Thy children turn away

Who now appear before Thee.

We come before Thy face

And pray: Let Thy rich grace

Descend from Heav’n above

In all Thy wondrous love

And keep us by Thy Spirit.


Oh, bless Thy Word to all the young;

Let them, Thy truth possessing,

Bear witness true with heart and tongue,

Their faith and ours confessing.

From mother’s arms Thy grace

With love did them embrace;

Baptized into Thy Name,

As Thine Thou didst them claim.

O Lord, as Thine now own them!


When they their vows today renew,

Accept them with Thy favor;

And when they promise to be true,

May they forget it never!

But they are weak and frail

When Satan’s hosts assail;

Oh, arm them with Thy might

And grant that in the fight

They unto death be faithful!


And when they leave their childhood home,

When Satan comes alluring,

May their baptismal grace become

A refuge reassuring!

Blest he who then can say:

“God’s covenant stands for aye.”

He ne’er shall be undone

Who trusts in God alone

God is his mighty Father!


Safe home, safe home in port!

Rent cordage, shattered deck,

Torn sails, provisions short,

And only not a wreck;

But oh! the joy upon the shore

To tell our voyage perils o’er!


The prize, the prize secure!

The athlete nearly fell;

Bare all he could endure,

And bare not always well;

But he may smile at troubles gone

Who sets the victor-garland on.


No more the foe can harm;

No more of leaguered camp,

And cry of night alarm,

And need of ready lamp;

And yet how nearly he had failed

How nearly had that foe prevailed!


The lamb is in the fold,

In perfect safety penned;

The lion once had hold,

And thought to make an end;

But One came by with wounded side,

And for the sheep the Shepherd died.


The exile is at home!

O nights and days of tears,

O longings not to roam,

O sins and doubts and fears;

What matters now grief’s darkest day?

The King has wiped those tears away.

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